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Mobile Marketing for Telecom

SMSC / SMSC Gateway

There is tremendous increase in SMS traffic in last few years, thanks to growing subscribers and more and more enterprises are going mobile. Operators are facing increasing pressure to deliver SMS faster, Our SMS Gateway is highly scalable.

Our SMS platform is deployed by leading Telco`s and Govt organization and we are proven our capability of handling huge traffic. Some of the key features of our SMSC are mentioned below:

  • Highly Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Priority Routing
  • 2 WAY SMS Enabler
  • WAP Push Proxy Gateway (PPG)
  • OTA Provisioning Gateway With Device Management
  • E-Mail to SMS or MMS Gateway
  • Same SMS Gateway to handle both A2P and P2P traffic, opening new revenue stream for the Telco's
  • Advance Spam Filter

USSD Gateway

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) can be used for WAP browsing, prepaid callback service, mobile-money services, location-based content services, menu-based information services, customer self service et al. USSD messages create a real-time connection during a USSD session. The connection remains open, allowing a two-way exchange of a sequence of data. This makes USSD more responsive than services that use SMS.

Future Technologies's USSD Gateway is one of the most robust and versatile platform available, thanks for our constant efforts in making it world's best. We handle high-speed real time interaction, keeping ease of use / browsing in mind and without consuming large amount of bandwidth.

Key Features:
  • Robust and Highly Scalable Platform
  • Now Handle A2P Traffic also with short code management, thus opening new revenues stream for the Telco's.
  • Supports both SIM toolkit Application and Wireless Application protocol
  • Complex logic to support multiple applications within a single platform
  • Integrates high quality products in the market that makes it a high performance, robust and reliable system.

The USSD Gateway includes:-

  • GSM Network Interface
  • USSD Center Kernel
  • Dynamic Menu Creator
  • SMS Redirector
  • Application Programming Interface
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Billing Interface

Key Benefits

For Operators

  • USSD reduces operational costs to a large extent. It keeps your customer care less burdened.
  • Increases ARPU by offering interactive services to all your customers.
  • Fast implementation of new services thanks to the menu configuration on the server side.

For Subscribers

  • User-convenient, menu-based direct access from the mobile phone keyboard
  • Fast response time to service requests
  • Worldwide easy access to value-added services using the same dialing sequence

MMS Gateway

Future Technologies MMS Gateway allows subscribers to send and receive multimedia messages (MMS). They can send text, image, Audio, Video and graphics as MMS. It also has bulk MMS sending option for content providers along with subscription and billing engine.

Key Features:

  • Supports Two-Way MMS
  • Support all MMS standards and protocols
  • Richest form of communication, supports major image and video formats
  • Size Support up to 500 Kb
  • High Performance and very robust platform
  • Real time delivery Reports

WAP Gateway

With rapidly increasing numbers of smart phone in the market and also basic GPRS phones available at throw away prices, mobile internet is on the rolls. WAP protocol is used for accessing such content. Future Technologies WAP gateway is one of the most robust and feature rich platform available in the market. It can handle huge volumes and is highly scalable

Why Future Technologies WAP Gateway?
  • Provide Mobile internet data service for WAP subscribers
  • Controls and manages WAP sessions and WAP transactions
  • Bundled with Device Management
  • Control access to specific WEB / WAP site based on access point name / dialed number / URLs
  • Scalable and Cost Effective Business Models
  • Integration with Mobile Network and open WEB
  • WAP stack Support
  • Subscriber Provisioning
  • Multiple APN Support
  • Secure connect support
  • Mobile Internet Data Service
  • Support Content Download
  • Real-Time Charging

Background Music

Over the past few years, Background Music Services has evolved considerably, with providers offering advanced features as customized programming to suit each customer's unique brand, timed/by-store programming and near real-time messaging options.

Background Music Services provide businesses with audio/music solutions. Most providers offer digital music through a host of web-based management tools and deliver the content via the Internet and satellite communications

Background Music services allow Operator to build their in-store experience through music and create targeted advertising and promotions while on hold. Category Tags / Keywords: background music, elevator music, in-store music, retail, on-hold music, music for my store, business music, corporate music, jukebox, in-store messaging, in-store advertising, audio advertising


  • Content agnostic: Support all content type.
  • Automatic Device Detection:-The platform has automatic device detection capability. The platform will show only those contents that are supported by the subscribers’ device.
  • Time to Market: - CMS has the feature that the time gap for change reflection is very less or minimal.
  • Technology and Reporting: - Platform has the ability to generate reports on the basis of different parameters defined by the administrator.
  • Device library and device profiling capability
  • DRM Management (Forward Lock, Combined Delivery and Separate Delivery).
  • Content Provider management.
  • Web portal for subscriber to discover contents
  • Promote Price and Protect Content
  • Carrier-Grade Performance and Scalability
  • Open and Configurable Interfaces
  • Subscriber & Device Management


Caller Ring Back Tone – Is a service that allows the caller to hear subscriber pre defined song or audio clip instead of standard Ring Ring tone until the subscriber picks up the call. mobiS CRBT platform works across GSM, CDMA or regular landline. It`s also handset agnostic. This service is proven as a solid revenue generator for the operator and consumers are also excited.

Key Features:

  • Consumers can create their on album and shuffle songs as per there preference or mood.
  • Consumer can also set Reverse RBT, enabling them to hear what they want to well they call up someone.
  • User Based RBT, Consumer can chose different RBT for each user caller
  • Random RBT, every time caller will call and will be greeted with new song on random basis.
  • Caller can copy RBT, if he likes to be his own by just pressing a key
  • Time and Geography based RBT

VRBT - Video Ring Back Tone

Future Technologies VRBT platform allows subscribers to offer a medium for self-expression. It allows subscribers to play videos from catalogue or customize there on Video RBT's. In addition, users can select Video RBTs based on time of day, date, or time, allowing for different video content in morning, noon and night. Moreover they have distinct Video RBT for different callers or groups. 
Video RBT can help telecom operators to increase revenues and maintain their customer base.

Mobile Radio

Future Technologies Mobile Radio is an intelligent nonstop music playing station on mobile, just like a normal FM, but it have various added features, like user can creates his / her own playlist, without actually downloading music on mobile. Thus user can listen to music of choice without downloading music on Mobile. User can also download music if he / she wishes. Platform has inbuilt Digital Rights Management to secure revenues of content provider as well as operators.

Key Features
  • Robust Platform, easy to scale
  • Easy Interface and Music Search engine
  • More than 12 languages
  • User can create playlist over WAP or GPRS
  • Download Music
  • Dedicate Music
  • Multiple playlist creation

Video Portal

Future Technologies's provides a robust media adaption and delivery to wide range of handsets and Telco`s. It can deliver pre-recorded as well as Live content in real time by avoiding latency, Consumers regularly turn to their mobile phones for anytime, anywhere access to entertainment and Information. Voice Portal by On Mobile is a one stop shop for all your entertainment needs. It plays the content users enjoy through various applications like Humor, Astrology, Devotions, Cricket, News et al.

  • Widest device coverage in the market
  • To maintain freshness in the portals, we constantly update all the video portals with latest, enticing and relevant content.
  • Smart-cache with unique content finger-printing
  • Multi-tier caching & content finger printing
  • Cricket- Live commentary, Scores, Football, Tennis.
  • News, Jokes, Finance, Astrology, Education, Devotional and Contests.
  • Ring Tones, Ring back tones.

Miss Call Alert

Subscribers sometime may lose calls due to various reasons like, network connectivity issue, mobile switched off due to business or personal reasons. Over Here subscriber or consumer may miss out important call and also mobile operator is losing revenues through lost calls. Future Technologies innovative Miss Call platform handle it very smoothly enhancing Telco`s revenue. We offer Miss called notifications over USSD, SMS and IVR.

Now your customer will never miss an important call, even if they intentionally switch off phone.


Approximate 35% off of calls attempts get missed - passing this information to the subscribers can help in enhancing revenues to a large extent.

For Mobile Operators:
  • New subscription service, which is a must have utility for the consumer
  • User can retrieve information over SMS, USSD and IVR
For Consumers:
  • Will never miss any important calls.
  • If they have missed MCA update by mistake, they can still retrieve it

Pre Call Announcement

Pre-Call Announcements enables the Telco's to play announcements before a call actually get connects as per the pre-defined rules. It's normally used to inform called about any additional chafes or the person is on international roaming or call is being forwarded or CRBT download rates et al.

Key Features:
  • Simple Interface to change pre call announcement voice files and rules on real time basis
  • Blacklisting available for the subscribers who don't want to listed to pre-call announcements
  • Real Time reporting
  • Subscription engine and content delivery platform for VAS service

Content Management and Delivery Platform

Future Technologies's content management system is a tool that provides administration controls to users with little knowledge of web programming language to creat and deal content with relative ease. It allows publishing ,editing and modifying content on a website as well as maintenance from a central page.

Features :
  • Content agnostic: Support all content type.
  • Automatic Device Detection:-The platform has automatic device detection capability. The platform will show only those contents which are supported by the subscribers device.
  • Time to Market: - CMS has the feature that the time gap for change reflection is very less or minimal.
  • Technology and Reporting: - Platform has the ability to generate reports on the basis of different parameters defined by the administrator.
  • Device library and device profiling capability
  • DRM Management (Forward Lock, Combined Delivery and Separate Delivery).
  • Content Provider management.
  • Web portal for subscriber to discover contents
  • Promote Price and Protect Content
  • Carrier-Grade Performance and Scalability
  • Open and Configurable Interfaces
  • Subscriber & Device Management

Subscription Lifecycle Management

Acquiring new customers for multiple services is a challenging task, Customer Retention is the key ! 
Future Technologies Subscription Lifecycle Management platform help telecom operators to boost ARPU, reduce churn and ultimately sustain growth and profits.

It helps Telco's to:
  • Monitor the subscriber and product lifecyle.
  • Keep a Track of Subscribers status and behavior and trend
  • Check and filter non performing products and services
  • Manage Billing effectively
  • Predict Future Usage, including churn risk
  • Accurate segmentation of customer base
  • Send Auto Renewal Messages
  • Auto Management of Opt - in and Opt - Out of subscribers in real time
  • Real Time detailed reporting panel

Cell Broadcast Center

Future Technologies Cell Broadcast Center (CBC) is a proven mass distribution medium of local information to mobile subscribers via cell broadcast, without disturbing user and without overloading network resources. 
This service allows simultaneous delivery of textual messages in real time to millions of subscribers within a specified geographical area. This service is mainly used for immediate distribution of information. Apart from promotion this service can also be effectively used in crisis situation.

Key Advantages :
  • Messages can be saved and scheduled
  • Seamless integration with external content providers via API's or SMPP
  • Standard Protocols
  • Network Architecture with load balancing vMulti level Administration with rights management
  • Content moderation with privacy policy
  • Real Time reporting

Roaming Solutions

Future Technologies Roaming Manager improves the interworking with networks of other Telco's or networks of same Telco in a different circle and thus increase operator's roaming revenue streams and subscriber satisfaction. Future Technologies Roaming Manger Platform has many solutions that can be offered on the basis a mobile operator's requirement. We offer true, seamless, intelligent roaming and it's features enables subscribers to feel that they are always in their home network.

Key Features:
  • Subscribers can call and send SMS across roaming networks
  • Helps Subscribers Recharge or transfer talk time
  • No need to prefix country codes or other codes while dialing in home location.
  • Accessing Short codes services of home network
  • Accessing USSD services of home network
  • Roaming Steering (Preferred Network)
  • Welcome Notification to Roamers will greet your subscribers traveling and will provide them all information they need, including applicable rates in the visited country / circle.

Service Delivery Platform

Future Technologies SDP or Service Delivery Platform is an end-to-end content delivery solution, which enables telecom operators to build their own Digital portal for delivery and sale of various products and services independent of platforms and service type.

Key Features :
  • Easy to integrate with multiple services
  • Improves ROI and lower TAT (Turn Around Time)
  • Monetize APIs and Applications
  • Easy to Add and Manage Partners
  • Highly Scalable
  • Robust Subscription Manager
  • Manages Consent, authorization and Privacy Policies
  • Enables better collaboration with internal and third party sources
  • Delivers unified customer experience

Voice SMS

Communications between people are largely dictated by the device on hand. When on a wireline or mobile phone, the choice is generally voice; when using a PC or PDA, the choice is usually text. But the mobile user has the added advantage of using text in addition to voice via text messaging. SMS text messaging between mobile subscribers has exploded over the last few years, especially among young subscribers who use text messaging as a fast and efficient way to reach their friends and family. However, significant disadvantages of text messaging include the time it takes to type out a message using the limited mobile phone keypad and the lack of emotion that only a voice can deliver. Many resort to the cryptic computer-speak prevalent in computer messaging today, leaving a mobile user in receipt of these abbreviated messages at a disadvantage.

Voice SMS is a fast way to send a short message to another mobile subscriber that can be retrieved at the subscriber's convenience. In that sense it is similar to an SMS text message. But Voice SMS is much easier to use. There are no keystrokes needed to compose the message. You just talk. When a Voice SMS is sent, an SMS text message is received saying "You have a Voice SMS. Click here to listen to your message." One click and you' are listening to your new message via a human voice. In some implementations, the phone reads "Dial *0* to listen to your message. A few clicks with the "Send" key are required, but it is still easy for users.

There are additional advantages for Voice SMS over text SMS. The text user interface on mobile phones is great if you use English, a European language, Kanji, or another widely used language. But once you get beyond the top twenty languages, there is little or no support in text messaging. And of course, text messages are of no use to people who are illiterate.

Voice SMS is perfect when the need to communicate is strong and a live conversation is not in order — for example when you think the other party is likely to be asleep, in a meeting, or in a noisy environment. Voice SMS is a convenient way to give call recipients information or initiate a non-real time conversation, while allowing them to delay their response until it is convenient. Even more important, voice conveys emotion and can provide more in-depth understanding than any text message.

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